DISCO Full Spectrum Dab Concentrate


Disco Concentrate



Welcome to the DISCO! A specially formulated concentrate that is an absolute dabber’s delight. This beautiful blend of our CO2 extract of the high cannabinoid Special Sauce Flower and CBD isolate has formed into a hard, resinous crystal that can be shattered over flower, heated up and vaporized- or dabbed with any conventional rig.

The DISCO option has not been infused with any additional terpenes and produces a mild, pleasant cannabis undertone.

Our other varieties have been infused with 100% botanical terpenes and add a boost to the elevation of this product.

Sit back, relax & enjoy!



Additional information

Terpene Profile

DISCO, Grand Daddy Purp, Lemon Skunk


1g / 427mg Cannabinoid Content

A photo of Seedless Green's OG Kush Concentrate
DISCO Full Spectrum Dab Concentrate